Putting jazz into the blues...

Blues Call And Response

One of the best ways to acquire new language is through call and response.  Our call and response page moves students from single note recall to hearing the changes in a I-IV-V progression.  

One Step Blues Etudes

Are you only using the blues scale to play over the blues? There is so much more to playing the blues than a scale. What about the change in harmony in measure 5 (the IV chord) or the ii-V that is often used over the last four measures? Check out the following guides on composing a jazz solo over an F blues. All you need to do is plug in the blues licks, ii-v's, and simple chord tones and wa la, you have the start of a pretty good solo. Don't forget to practice it till you own it!

Two Step Blues Etudes

1. Choose a lick from each other the three phrases of the blues!  

2.  Transpose it into the desired key!

Original key

Transposed to B Flat