Never Have To Count A Rhythm Again!!!

When you're on the gig, you don't have time to count rhythms out.  They need to be accurate and in the pocket every time.  It usually takes years of experience with counting rhythms to get to this level of mastery, but there is a faster way.  Follow these steps to become a rhythm machine.  

1.  Counted Rhythms- Familiarize yourself with beat, meter, note values, ties, and dots.  These are the building blocks of all rhythm.  

2.  Subdivision- A beat can be divided in equal parts.   Being able to feel the different parts, or subdivisions, will allow you to play your notes on time, every time.    

3.  Sight Rhythms- Connecting what a rhythm looks like and what a rhythm sounds like is a process that takes a long time.  Learning sight rhythms streamlines that process and makes it easy to play what you see.