Challenge #3: Kenny Drew

Blue Train is the first track on the John Coltrane album of the same name.  Kenny Drew's solo has a few perfect jazz blues licks that EVERYONE should know.  If you haven't checked out the album Blue Train, stop everything you're doing and Dig In!

Challenge #2: Dexter Gordon

For our second challenge, we have a killer lick from the song "Cheesecake" on the 1962 Blue Note classic, Go. The lick is over a VI-ii-V-i progression (It starts at 1:51). Transcribe and analyze the lick. Then record yourself playing it. Bonus points if you can play the lick in all 12 keys!


Challenge #1: John Scofield

Here we have our first transcription challenge.  It's a 4 bar blues lick in F from a video that Bill Stewart did for Drummerworld.  Transcribe and analyze the lick.  Record a video of your transcription and analysis and then play it in at least one key.  12 keys for bonus points!!!  Points can be redeemable for.... MORE POINTS!!!  Bonus points for writing a variation of the lick and posting it.   So many points