production through performance II

music technology curriculum


9.1 lesson plan //


Students will be able to maintain a steady beat at eighty beats per minute with up to twelve beats of metronomic silence.


steady beat practice →
steady beat test →


1.1 Performance rubric →


  1. Have students practice keeping a steady beat with the practice video.

  2. Use the mute function on the computer to test students’ ability to maintain the pulse of the music they’ve selected using Youtube.

  3. Use a metronome at a slow tempo to isolate the ability to maintain a steady beat.


  1. Perform the steady beat test along with the steady beat test video.

  2. Say the word “down” on all of the downbeats.

  3. Continue saying down through all of the metronomic holes.


  • Assess the eight count hole.

  • Assess the four count hole.

  • Assess keeping a steady beat without any holes using the beginning of the recording as the material for assessment.

  • Allow students to test in partners.


  • Using a metronome with a mute feature, replicate the steady beat test video at a slower tempo.

  • Use longer stretches without a metronome for assessment.