production through performance

music technology curriculum


6.5 lesson plan // original song: melody


Students will be able to write and record melodies for the different sections of their song using voice leading and non-chord tones.


Melodic Rhythm
Voice Leading
Chordal Rhythm
Non-Chord Tones →


6.5 Project Rubric →


  1. Listen to teacher and student selected songs for variation in the melody of verse sections. 

  2. Vary the rhythm and pitch of a melody as a class.


  1. Write a melody for the verse, chorus, and bridge using either free voice or voice leading with non chord tones. CHECK STUDENT ANSWERS 

  2. Record four measure of the melody for each section using a student chosen instrument. 

  3. Quantize the performances to correct subdivision and trim the releases of each note to the correct count. 

  4. Loop and copy/paste the phrases to match the phrase structure of the 6.2 Pop Song Organizer →

  5. Alter the rhythm and/or pitch of at least one note in each repetition of the verse by using the pencil tool in the piano roll.


  • Do not require alteration of the melodic rhythm or pitch for the verse.


  • Improvise the melodies by singing along to loops of the drum, bass, and chord parts. 

  • Add words to the melody and record a vocal performance using a microphone in Soundtrap. 

  • Create an instrumental counter-melody (second melody) in at least one song section. 

  • Require variation inside of each section as well as the transitions between sections.

  • Add a melody with increased rhythmic complexity as an instrumental solo in the bridge.