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6.4 lesson plan // Original Song: Bass + Chords


Students will be able to write and record chord progressions, bass parts, and chord parts to the sections of their song.


Bass Line Rhythm →
bass note identification
Bass Line Note Choice
Diatonic Chord Progressions
Chordal Rhythm Page
Inverting Chords In A Progression
Triad Page →
Right Hand Fingering Chart →


6.4 Project Rubric →


  1. Listen to teacher and student selected songs for changes in the texture of chordal rhythm roles, variation in the bass and chordal parts, and contrast between sections.


  1. Write three chord progressions, identify the letter name and quality of each chord, and invert them to create smooth voice leading. 

  2. Write a bass line with octave jumps and leading tones for each section. 

  3. Create at least one chord part for each section using either pads and punches, ostinato, and/or riff rhythmic roles. CHECK STUDENT ANSWERS 

  4. Record four measures of the bass and chordal parts as separate tracks in Soundtrap. 

  5. Quantize the performances to the correct subdivision and trim the releases of each note to the correct count. 

  6. Loop and copy/paste the phrases to match the phrase structure of the 6.2 Pop Song Organizer →


  • Only use the pads and punches rhythmic role for chordal instruments.

  • Supply the first chord of each sections progression.


  • Alter the harmonic rhythm (rate at which the chord changes) from four beats to either two or one in at least one section. 

  • Add variation to the bass and chord parts when sections repeat. 

  • Require riffs and ostinatos in at least two sections.