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6.3 lesson plan // Original Song: Drums


Students will be able to write drum patterns and fills for the verse, chorus, and bridge of their song.


Pop Song Form →
Drum Fills →
Anatomy of a Drum Beat →


6.3 Project Rubric →


  1. Listen to and describe the drum parts to different sections of student and teacher selected pop songs.


  1. Write three drum grooves in 8th or 16th note subdivision that follow the rules of a drum beat. 

  2. Compose three drum fills that will be used to connect the different sections of the song. CHECK STUDENT ANSWERS 

  3. Record four measures of each drum groove and each drum fill separately with a measure of rest between each take. 

  4. Quantize the performance to the correct subdivision. 

  5. Loop and copy/paste the phrases to match the phrase structure of the 6.2 Pop Song Organizer →


  • Keep the same subdivision for each section.

  • Use the same drum fill for each section.


  • Require the performance of the entire form be done in one take.

  • Allow 8th note triplet subdivision to be used in the drum patterns/fills.

  • Change the cymbal that receives the subdivision in at least one of the drum patterns.

  • Add variation to the drum pattern within each section and when the section repeats in the form.

  • Require two measure drum grooves.