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5.4 lesson plan // multi-voice Melodies with non-chord tones


Students will be able to play and record a multi-voice melody with non chord tones using smooth voice leading and melodic rhythm.


Chordal Rhythm →


5.4 Project Rubric →


  1. Read the material on the non chord tone page. 

  2. Identify chord tones and non chord tones in children’s and folk songs as a class.


  1. Write a chord progression, and create a chord part with a pads + punches, ostinato, or riff rhythmic role. 

  2. Write a drum groove and create a bass line with octave jumps and leading tones. 

  3. Compose a melodic rhythm with syncopation, repetition, and space. 

  4. Use the notes from multiple voices (bottom, middle, or top) inside each measure and between measures. 

  5. Connect chord tones with non-chord tones and label the NCT type under each note’s letter name and octave number. CHECK STUDENT ANSWERS 

  6. Record four measures of the drum, bass, and chord parts as separate tracks in Soundtrap. 

  7. Record a performance of the melody, trim the clip, quantize the attacks, and snd snap the releases to the correct subdivision.


  • Limit the subdivision level to 8th note. 

  • Assign a slower tempo.

  • Limit the choice of rhythm to ostinato.


  • Play drum beat with one hand.

  • Have students quantize the track in front of the teacher.

  • Create both an ostinato and riff rhythm.