5.4 project // Multi-Voice Melody W/ NCTs



+ Learn how to link chord tones with Non-Chord Tones →
+ Review how to create multi-voice melodies using non-chord tones and Voice Leading →


+ Write a chord progression and invert the triads on the Chord Progression Organizer →
+ Compose a drum groove, bass line, and chordal part on the Drum Bass + Chord Organizer →
+ Copy the inverted chords, create a melodic rhythm, identify which voice and non-chord tone is being used on the NCT Melody Organizer →

record // Your Tempo | 4 measures | 4 Tracks

+ Review the Project Rubric →
+ Record four measure of the drum groove on one track
+ Create a bass track
+ Record a performance of the moving bass line
+ Create a keyboard track
+ Record a performance of chordal part
+ Create a synth track
+ Record a performance of the multi-voice melody with non-chord tones
+ Quantize the performance for the drum, bass, keyboard, and melody to the correct subdivision
+ Trim the ends of the notes in the bass line, chord part, and melody to match the organizers


+ Fill out the Self Reflection Worksheet →