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5.1 lesson plan // Melodic Rhythm


Students will be able to write and say a vocal line with the elements of melodic rhythm: repetition, syncopation, and space.


Melodic Rhythm →
Syncopation Workout →
Weak Beat Workout →


5.1 Project Rubric →
5.1 Performance Rubric →


  1. Read and watch the materials on the melodic rhythm page. 

  2. Identify syncopation in student and teacher selected songs. 

  3. Compose melodic rhythms using beat maps and clap them as a class.

  4. Watch the syncopation and weak beat workout videos.


  1. Write a melodic rhythm using repetition, syncopation, and space. 

  2. Notate the attacks, sustains, and releases with duration notation. 

  3. Identify the repetition numbers for each measure of rhythm. 

  4. Write words to the rhythm using one syllable for each attack. Grade with the 5.1 Project Rubric. 

  5. Perform the words to a metronome or drum loop at student selected tempo. Grade with the 5.1 Performance Rubric.


  • Supply the repetition letters.

  • Require students to complete only the top section of the organizer and then count and clap the rhythms for the assessment.


  • Open the project up to 16th and/or 8th note triplet subdivisions.

  • Require students to record a vocal performance of the rhythm along with an original drum beat in Soundtrap.