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4.3 lesson plan // chordal rhythm: Pads and punches


Students will be able to play and record a chord part that uses the pads and punches rhythmic role with an original progression.


Chordal Rhythm Page →


4.3 Project Rubric →


  1. Read the Chordal Rhythm PDF and watch the video. 

  2. Play teacher and student selected music and identify when chordal instruments are playing pads and punches.


  1. Write a chord progression, indicate the letter name and quality of the chords, and invert them to maintain smooth voice leading. 

  2. Create a rhythm for the chordal part that includes pads and punches. The rhythm should repeat every measure. CHECK STUDENT ANSWERS

  3. Write a drum groove with either eighth or sixteenth note subdivision. 

  4. Create a bass line that has octave jumps and leading tones. 

  5. Record four measures of the drum and bass parts as separate tracks in Soundtrap at student selected tempo. 

  6. Add a piano and keyboards track. 

  7. Record a performance of the chordal rhythm, trim the clip, quantize the attacks, and snap the releases to the correct subdivision.


  • Limit the subdivision level to eighth note.

  • Assign a slower tempo.


  • Play drum beat with one hand.

  • Have students quantize the track in front of the teacher.