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4.1 lesson plan // root position triads


Students will be able to play and record a chordal part to a given progression using root position triads.


Triads →
Right Hand Fingering Chart →


4.1 Project Rubric →


  1. Read the triad page and RH finger placement page to learn how triads are played in root positions with the right hand. 

  2. Play the chord progression to Lean On Me and check note accuracy and technique.


  1. Identify the letter name and quality of the IV V vi chords and spell them in root position. CHECK STUDENT ANSWERS 

  2. Write a drum groove with either eighth or sixteenth note subdivision. 

  3. Create a bass line using one of the three bass/kick relationships that has octave jumps and leading tones which follows the given chord progression.

  4. Record four measures of the drum and bass parts as separate tracks in Soundtrap at student selected tempo. 

  5. Add a piano and keyboards track and choose the Rhodes patch. 

  6. Record a performance of the triads in the third or fourth octave of the keyboard.

  7. Each chord should begin on beat one and sustain through the entire measure.


  • Limit the subdivision level to eighth note. 

  • Assign a slower tempo.


  • Play drum beat with one hand.

  • Have students quantize the track in front of the teacher.