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3.3 lesson plan // bass Line with a given chord progression


Students will be able to write and play a bass line with roots that follows a given chord progression using one of the three bass and kick drum relationships.


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Bass Line Note Choice →
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  1. Read Bass Line Note choice PDF as a class to learn what part of the chord the bass instrument plays.

  2. Practice the left hand for the vi IV I V progression using position 1 as a class and/or individually without rhythm.

  3. Listen to some of the songs on the chord progression list that songs that have the same chord progression.


  1. Write a drum groove with either eighth or sixteenth note subdivision. 

  2. Create a rhythm for the bass that uses one of the three bass and kick relationships.

  3. Use the letter name of the root of each chord as the attack symbol for each measure. 

  4. Show the duration of the note using duration notation 

  5. Use the same rhythm for the other three measures and change the letter to fit the next chord. 

  6. Students sets desired project tempo. 

  7. Record, quantize, and trim the drum pattern in Soundtrap. 

  8. Add a guitar and bass track and record the bass line. 

  9. Quantize and trim the bass line.


  • Limit the subdivision level to eighth note.

  • Have the student use bass/kick relationship #1.


  • Play drum beat with one hand.

  • Have students quantize the track in front of the teacher.

  • Change the subdivision level to either 16th or 32nd note for teacher viewed quantize.