production through performance

music technology curriculum


3.2 lesson plan // bass note identification


Students will be able to play a randomized sequence of pitches on the piano keyboard with their left hand in two different positions.


Bass note identification →
Notes on the Keyboard →
How to Draw piano Keyboard →
Practice strategies →


3.2 Performance Rubric →


  1. Watch the notes on a keyboard video to learn where pitches are located.

  2. Watch how to draw a piano keyboard video. 

  3. Have students draw piano keyboards and label them with pitches (no accidentals) 

  4. Have a keyboard drawing race where the student who draws a labeled piano keyboard in the shortest amount of time wins. 

  5. Practice the two left hand positions using the randomizer and the 60 BPM sound clip found on the Bass Note Identification resource page. 

  6. Say the letter name on one click and play the note on the next.


  1. Perform ten randomized notes with the randomizer at 60 BPM. 

  2. Say the letter name of the pitch on one click and play the note on the next. 

  3. Repeat for both finger positions. 


  • Slow the tempo down for the assessment. 

  • Only assess one left hand position.


  • Speed up the tempo of the assessment.

  • Perform the assessment in multiple keys.