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2.4 lesson plan // drum fills


Students will compose and play two drum grooves that are connected by a drum fill.


Anatomy of a drumbeat →
Drum Fills →


2.4 Performance rubric →
2.4 Project rubric →


  1. Listen to drum fills in student selected music.

  2. Identify the base subdivision of the drum fill and the base subdivision for the fill.

  3. Transcribe drum fills.

  4. Play a drum groove for the class and have them play a drum fill on their laps on beats three and four of the transition measure using the base subdivision of the groove.

  5. Identify kick/crashes at the beginning of new sections in student selected music.


  1. Write two drum patterns in either eighth note or sixteenth note subdivision.

  2. Create a transition measure using the first two beats of the first groove.

  3. Write a drum fill on beats three and four of the transition measure following the rules for a drum fill.

  4. Create a Soundtrap project and set the desired tempo.

  5. Record three measures of the first groove, the transition measure, and four measures of the second groove with a kick/crash on beat one of measure five.

  6. Trim clips to the end of the phrase.


  • Limit the project to only the eighth note grid.

  • Only use the snare drum for beats three and four of the transition measure.


  • Play the grooves with one hand.

  • Have students quantize the track in front of the teacher.

  • Change the subdivision level to either 16th or 32nd note for teacher viewed quantize.