production through performance

music technology curriculum


2.2 lesson plan // groove library


Students will be able to read, play, and record a drum pattern from the groove library.


  1. Compose two part rhythms using beat maps and read them together as a class using the middle and index finger of the left hand.

  2. Watch the groove library videos to learn the workflow for reading a new drum groove.


  1. Choose a drum pattern from the groove library.

  2. Practice and perform the groove. (100 BPM for eighth note patterns and 80 BPM for sixteenth note patterns)

  3. Assess using the performance rubric.

  4. Record four measures of the groove with Soundtrap on one track.

  5. Quantize the recording to the correct subdivision and trim the clip to the end of the phrase.


  • Slow down the tempo.

  • Assign an easy drum beat.


  • Increase the tempo.

  • Assign a difficult drum beat.

  • Play drum beat with one hand.

  • Have students quantize the track in front of the teacher.