production through performance

music technology curriculum


2.1 lesson plan // basic rock beat


Students will be able to perform and record the basic rock drum pattern on one track at 90 BPM.


Finger Drumming // Simple Groove →
Groove Library →
Anatomy of a drumbeat →
Practice strategies →


  1. Introduce finger drumming with the Finger Drumming // Simple Groove video.

  2. Have students read the beat maps for the basic rock beat and watch the tutorial on the groove library.

  3. Play the basic rock beat with a metronome at various tempi.

  4. Play the basic rock beat with student selected music.

  5. Have students play the drum beat for each other for mock assessment.


  1. Assess the performance of four measures of the drumbeat at 90 BPM with a metronome using the performance rubric.

  2. Create a new project in Soundtrap.

  3. Change project tempo to 90 BPM.

  4. Add a drum and beats track.

  5. Record four measures of the basic rock beat using a piano, drum pad, or typing keyboard.

  6. Hover over the clip, click edit, and quantize to the eighth note.

  7. Trim the end of the clip to the beginning of measure five.


  • Rehearse the drum beat one instrument at a time.

  • Practice the drum beat one count at a time.

  • Slow down the tempo.


  • Play drum beat with one hand.

  • Have students quantize the track in front of the teacher.

  • Change the subdivision level to either 16th or 32nd note for teacher viewed quantize.