production through performance

music technology curriculum


1.4 lesson plan // beat map performance


Students will be able to play a rhythm written in beat map notation with their left hand middle finger while their right hand index finger taps the base subdivision of eighth note, eighth note triplet, and sixteenth note at 60 BPM.


How to read a beat map →
Beat map reading examples →
paper drum pads →


1.4 Performance rubric →


  1. Have students count and subdivide along to songs that they choose.

  2. Call out a count for students to clap on. ie the “a” of four

  3. Have students tap the base subdivision with their right hand middle finger while playing the target beat with their left hand middle finger.

  4. Create various rhythms with beat maps and have students tap and play them together.


  1. Students choose one eighth note, eighth note triplet, and sixteenth note rhythm from the beat map reading example page.

  2. Have them practice tapping the base subdivision with the right hand index finger and play the attacks of the rhythms with their left hand middle finger at 60 BPM.

  3. Students perform the rhythms for assessment with a metronome.


  • Limit the subdivisions that students perform to eighth note and sixteenth note.

  • Use only unsyncopated rhythms for the performance.

    Eighth note 1,2 / Eighth note triplet 1 / Sixteenth note 1,2


  • Increase the performance speed.

  • Add periods of metronomic silence by using a metronome with a mute function.

  • Assign syncopated rhythms.

    Eighth note 3,4 / Eighth note triplet 2,3 / Sixteenth note 3,4